Renana Keydar

Renana Keydar

Renana Keydar

Law and literature
Culture and the Humanities
Postconflict justice

Digital humanities 


Current Projects: 

”Unraveling the Crisis of Narrativity: A Digital Humanities Approach to Mass Atrocity.” My current project seeks to develop new modes of textual engagement with, and interpretation of, victim testimonies in mass atrocity trials. Applying innovative insights and computational methodologies from Digital Humanities, I engage with the plurality of testimonies presented in the proceedings before the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia
(ICTY), as “textual datasets.” Bringing together law and the humanities, I seek to bridge a growing gap between the potential wealth of information that storytellers can provide about the phenomenon of mass atrocity and the truncated, fragmented pieces of narration that their stories are turned into in the judicial process.

Additional projects: I am leading an interdisciplinary research group in the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute titled: “The Future of Justice: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on justice in the context of contemporary conflicts”

Curriculum Vitae: 


I completed a PhD in Comparative Literature from Stanford University (2015). My dissertation is titled: Seeking Justice in the Courtroom and Beyond: confronting mass atrocity in
literature and law.”
I hold an LLb (magna cum laude) from Tel Aviv University Faculty of Law and a BA (magna cum laude)
in Political Science from Tel Aviv University. In addition, prior to my PhD, I served as an advocate in
the Israeli General Attorney’s Office High Court of Justice Department.