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Application process timeline

  • Online Application (for 2023-2024 academic year) is open: TBA.

  • Application deadline: TBA.

  • Shortlisted applicants are interviewed; non finalists are informed: January, 2023. 

  • Fellows announced: March, 2023.

It is crucial to read the instructions on the website before starting the application process (which is entirely online).





Does my research have to be related to Israel, Germany, or Israel-German relations in order to apply?

Not at all! We accept applications on any topic in all fields of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

I am not a German citizen, but my PhD was granted by a German University. Can I apply?


I am a German citizen, but I received my PhD from a university in another country. Can I apply?


I am in the final stages of completing my dissertation. Can I apply?

Yes, so long as you can commit to have your PhD in hand no later than July 1 of the same academic year during which you are applying
(July 1, 2022 for the coming round of applications)

What precisely does having my PhD “in hand” mean?

For German universities, the day of the disputation is the decisive date; for Israeli universities, it is the date of the official letter of approval of the dissertation.

It has been several years since my PhD was awarded. Till when can I apply?

Up to five years from the date of the disputation/approval (the exact cutoff date is given in every call for applications). Applicants with children under the age of five at the time of the application deadline get an extra year.

I am an Israeli citizen who received his/her dissertation in a German university. Can I apply as a German?

No. Israeli citizens can apply only as Israeli citizens.

What is the MBSF’s policy on diversity and equal opportunity?

While academic merit is the most important criterion, the MBSF is committed to diversity and equal opportunities and encourages applicants from all backgrounds and communities to apply.
If you belong to an underrepresented group or come from an underprivileged background, you have the option to share this information with us on the application form.

The Application

What does the application consist of, and how do I submit it.

The application is short and simple. A CV, 2 letters of recommendation, a 1-page abstract of the dissertation, and a 5-page project proposal. That’s it. Everything is submitted online, through our online application form. Please do not send any materials via email, as they will not be considered.

Okay, and what is the key to a successful application?

A bold and innovative project proposal that is significantly different from the dissertation and that merits four years of generous funding is key. Remember: the significance of your project should be accessible and intelligible to people outside your field. Please do not write with your advisor or close colleagues in mind. Instead, write for an educated reader outside your field, like a future Buber colleague.

I plan to use some of my time turning my dissertation into a book. Should I write about this in my project proposal?

No. We take it for granted that many fellows will also work on a dissertation book. In your 5-page project proposal, please tell us about the new project you hope to pursue.

Do I need to provide a cover letter that summarizes my work (a narrative version of my CV)?

No, this is unnecessary.

Can I submit letters of recommendation through a service such as Interfolio?


Can I propose to work on any topic?

Yes. But please note that applications that are purely technical in nature, such as in the fields of applied economics or practical law, will not fit the society of fellows and will not be favorably considered.

Whose responsibility it is to ensure that my letters of recommendation arrive on time?

Yours. Please make sure they received all the information from you ahead of time, and double check on the online form that everything has arrived. Please don’t wait till the last minute with this or any aspect of the application.

Should I submit additional materials such as writing samples?

No, this is unnecessary. Please submit only the materials specified above (A CV, 2 letters of recommendation, a 1-page abstract of the dissertation, and a 5-page project proposal).

If I have further questions, can I get in touch?

Sure. Write us at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.