Oded Na'aman

Oded Na'aman

Oded Na`aman
Political Philosophy

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Current Projects: 

My primary project concerns the rationality of emotions over time. I have written papers on grief, regret, resentment, and anger. I argue that many rational norms for emotions are about emotional processes rather than emotional states. This explains how very different emotional states, even ones that seem incompatible at first, can nevertheless be part of a single emotional response that unfolds over time.

Curriculum Vitae 

Fellowships and Grants 

  • The Martin Buber Society of Fellows Award, Hebrew University of Jerusalem 2018-2022

  • Post-Doctoral Fellowship, McCoy Family Center for Ethics in Society,  Stanford University 2015-2017                                                                                                                                        

  • Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction of 2014, in Best American Essay, ed. Ariel Levy 2015             

  • Edmond J. Safra Graduate Fellowship in Ethics, Harvard University 2013-2014

  • Research Fellowship from Harvard University Philosophy Department, Spring 2013             

  • George Santayana Grant from Harvard University Philosophy  Summer 2011                     

  • Graduate Prize Fellowship, Harvard University 2008-2013

  • Shmaryahu Rivyer Award for Excellence in the Study of Philosophy, Hebrew University 2007


  • Ph.D. in Philosophy, Harvard University 2015

  • B.A in Philosophy, Hebrew University 2007


Edited books:

  • Our Harsh Logic: Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories 2000-2010, Breaking the Silence, ed. Mikhael Manekin, Avichai Sharon, Yanay Israeli, Oded Na’aman, Levi Spectre (Metropolitan Press, September 2012) (also published in Hebrew, German, French, Dutch, and Swedish).


  • “The Rationality of Emotional Change: Toward a Process View,” Noûs, 2019. 

  • “The Fitting Resolution of Anger,” Philosophical Studies, 2019.

  • “Can We Intend the Past?” Journal of Ethics and Social Philosophy 12, No. 3, December 2017, pp. 304-311. 

  • “Reasons of Love: A Case Against Universalism About Practical Reason,” Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society, CX, No. 3, October 2015, pp. 315-322.

  • “Social Justice,” in Israeli Social Protest: Political Lexicon 2011-, ed. Ariel Hendel (Hakibutz HaMe’uhad, 2013), pp. 309-319 (Hebrew).

  • “The Rise and Fall of the Bleeding Hearts: A Reading in Soldiers’ Talk and Breaking the Silence [two collections of Israeli soldiers’ testimonials],” Theory and Criticism 33, 2008, pp. 225-238 (Hebrew).

Long form essays:

  • The Frontiers of Vision and the Painting of Movement,” in Eigengrau: Daniel Lergon, ed. Galerie Christian Lethert, Köln (Kerber 2017), pp. 142-147.

  • “Choosing Violence,” Boston Review, July/August 2016, pp. 56-61.

  • “Political Faith,” The Point, Winter 2016, 137-145.

  • “Mortal Risks: The Possibility of Self-Sacrifice,” Boston Review, March/April 2014, pp. 45-53. Chinese translation in On Death, forthcoming by Hainan Press. (Included in The Best American Essays list of Notable Essays and Literary Nonfiction of 2014).

  • “The Checkpoint: Terror, Power, Cruelty,” Boston Review, July/August 2012, pp. 38-45 (most read BR article in 2012). German translation in Zenith, November/December 2012, pp. 14-27; Italian translation in Internazionale, February 2013, pp. 96-101.


  • Humboldt-Southampton Normativity Conference, June 2019 (Speaker)

  • St. Louis Annual Conference on Reasons and Rationality, May 2019 (Speaker)

  • Rice Workshop in Humanistic Ethics, Rice University, April 2019 (Invited talk)

  • Philosophy and Political Thought Workshop, Tel-Aviv University, March 2019 (Invited talk)

  • Early Career Conference in Moral and Political Philosophy, Einstein Ethics Group, Humboldt University, December 2018 (Speaker)

  • Law and Philosophy Workshop, Hebrew University, November 2018 (Invited talk)

  • Philosophical Moral Psychology, LMU Munich, July 2018 (Speaker)

  • Humboldt Normativity Conference, Humboldt University, June 2018 (Speaker)

  • Pace University Undergraduate Philosophy Club, May 2018 (Invited talk)

  • Personhood and Selfhood, University of Manchester, April 2018 (Speaker)

  • The New School for Social Research, February 2018 (Invited talk)

  • Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, May 2017 (Invited talk)

  • Stanford University Philosophy Department, February 2017 (Invited talk)

  • Stanford Varieties of Agency Workshop, December 2016 (Invited talk)