Mirjam Lücking

Mirjam Lücking

Mirjam Lucking
Social Anthropology

Indonesia and the Middle East
Transnational South-South connections
Social Anthropology
 Asian Studies
Religious Studies


Email: mirjam.lucking@mail.huji.ac.il
Personal website: Mirjam Lücking

Current Projects: 

My current research interest concerns the relationship between Indonesia and the Middle East. After I researched Indonesians’ ideas of ‘Arabness’ in the context of pilgrimage and labor migration to the Arabian Peninsula, I am now working on religious tourism from Indonesia to Israel and the Palestinian Territories.

Curriculum Vitae 

Fellowships and Grants (selection)


  • PhD in Social Anthropology   1/2013 – 2/2017
    PhD Thesis: Indonesians and their Arab World: Guided Mobility among Labour Migrants and Mecca Pilgrims
    Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, date of conferral: 09.02.2017

  • Master of Arts in Social Anthropology  10/2010 – 12/2012
    MA Thesis: Between ‘Good’ and ‘Real’ Governance – An Anthropological Perspective on Public Service Delivery in Indonesia.
    Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, date of conferral: 19.12.2012

  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Anthropology and Middle Eastern Studies 10/2007 – 9/2010
    BA Thesis: Muslimische Predigerinnen in Marokko. Die Mourchidat als Gestalterinnen einer ‚Islamischen Moderne‘? (Female Muslim Preachers in Morocco. The Mourchidat as Designers of an Islamic Modernity?)
    Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg, date of conferral: 06.09.201


Peer Reviewed Articles

  • Lücking, Mirjam (forthcoming). "Israeli Dead Sea Cosmetics and Charity for Palestinian Children: Indonesian Women’s Shopping Activities on Pilgrimages to Jerusalem." In: Reconfiguring Muslim pilgrimage through the lens of women’s new mobilities, edited by Buitelaar, Marjo; Stephan-Emmrich, Manja; Thimm, Viola. London: Routledge.

  • Lücking, Mirjam. (2019) 'Travelling with the Idea of Taking Sides. Indonesian Pilgrimages to Jerusalem', Bijdragen tot de Taal-, Land- en Volkenkunde 175 (2): 196–224, available at: https://brill.com/view/journals/bki/175/2-3/article-p196_4.xml?language=en

  • Lücking, Mirjam (2019) 'Reciprocity in Research Relationships: Learning from Imbalances', In: Affective Dimensions of Fieldwork and Ethnography, edited by Stodulka, Thomas; Dinkelaker, Samia; Thajib, Ferdiansyah. New York: Springer.

  • Lücking, Mirjam (2017) ‘Working in Mecca. How Informal Pilgrimage-Migration from Madura, Indonesia, to Saudi Arabia Challenges State Sovereignty’, In: European Journal of East Asian Studies. Volume 16, Issue 2, Special Issue: Challenging State Sovereignty: A multi-level approach to Southeast and East Asian migration. pp: 248–274.

  • Lücking, Mirjam and Evi Eliyanah (2017) ‘Images of Authentic Muslim Selves: Gendered Moralities and Constructions of Arab Others in Contemporary Indonesia’, In: Social Sciences 6(3): 1-20.

  • Lücking, Mirjam (2016) ‘Beyond Islam Nusantara and ‘Arabization’: Capitalizing ‘Arabness’ in Madura, East Java’, in: ASIEN. The German Journal on Contemporary Asia, Nr. 137 (April): 5-24.

  • Lücking, Mirjam (2014a) ‘Making ‘Arab’ One’s Own. Muslim Pilgrimage Experiences in Central Java, Indonesia’, in: Internationales Asienforum. International Quarterly for Asian Studies 45 (1-2): 129-152.

  • Lücking, Mirjam (2014b) ‘Arabness’ as Social Capital in Madura’, in: Islamika Indonesiana. Vol. 1 (2): 37-46.

Newspaper Articles and Radio Podcasts


  • “Indonesians in Jerusalem: Pilgrimage, Conversion and Competition” The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Humanities, Sternberg Prize Awarding Ceremony, Jerusalem, 12 March 2019

  • “Food unites us… not anymore.” – Indonesian pilgrims eating kosher and halal in Jerusalem

  • Ben Gurion University of the Negev, ISF Workshop, Eating Religiously: Food and Faith in the 21st Century, Beer Sheva, 23 May 2019

  • “Mecca Selfies and Images of Jerusalem. Indonesian Pilgrims’ Online Performances of ‘Having Been There’”

  • Annual Assembly of the Israeli Anthropological Association, Beer Sheva, 27 May 2019

  • “The Mount of Olives as a site of sacred separation? Experiences of tourists and residents”

  • Conference on “Sacred Spaces”, Center for the Study of Conversion and Interreligious Encounters, Beer Sheva, 4 June 2019

  • “Narratives of separation, pragmatic cooperation and surprising similarities: Movement between Israel, Indonesia and Palestine”

  • EuroSEAS Humboldt-University Berlin 10-13 September 2019

  • “Israeli Dead Sea Cosmetics and Charity for Palestinian Children: Feminized Inter-Religious Competition among Indonesian Jerusalem Pilgrims”, Biennial conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists, Stockholm, 15 August 2018

  • “Untold Stories from Israel and Palestine”, Islamic Boarding School Pondok Pesantren Al-Kahfi Somalangu, Kebumen, 28 July 2018

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  • “Contemporary Journeys of Conversion from Indonesia to Israel”, International Conference on “Conversion, Then and Now”, Center for the Study of Conversion and Interreligious Encounters, Beer Sheva, 28 May 2018

  • “Asian Values and Islamic Piety among Female Migrant Workers in Java and Madura, Indonesia”, biennial conference of Asian Studies in Israel, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, 24 May 2018

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  • “Between Arab-Phobia and Pop-Arabness: Ambivalent Muslim lifestyles in Contemporary Indonesia”, Jerusalem 30 November 2017, “Introducing Indonesia” – International Conference, The Hebrew University 29/30 November 2017

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