Limor Yungman

Limor Yungman

Limor Yungman
Food History

Anthropological History from Early Islam to Early Modern Times
Material Culture
History of the Book
Manuscript Studies
Arabic Codicology
Digital Humanities
Recipe Studies


Curriculum Vitae 

Current Projects: 

The Making of Arab Cuisine: Production and Transmission of Culinary Knowledge in the Medieval Islamic World.

Fellowships and Grants 

2012-2013 Ph.D. Fellowship in Humanities & Social Sciences, the Embassy of France in Israel.

2009-2010 Bursary Program Israel 2009, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster, Germany.

2007-2008 The Authority for Advanced Studies Scholarship for MA Excellence, University of Haifa.


2010 Dean’s Honor Student for Advanced Studies, University of Haifa.

2009 Dean of Humanities Excellency for MA Studies, University of Haifa.


2020 Ph.D., History and Civilisations, École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales ‎‎(EHESS).

2010 ‎M.A., Middle Eastern Studies, University of Haifa. ‎



Les livres de cuisine du Moyen-Orient médiéval (IVe-Xe/Xe-XVIe siècles) (in preparation).

Peer-reviewed Articles

“On Form and Content: Medieval Culinary Recipe-poems in Arabic,” Micrologus 32 (forthcoming).

“Tracing the Origin of a Practice: The Earliest Recipes for Alcoholic Beverages in Medieval Arabic Cookbooks,” Revue des mondes musulmans et de la Méditerranée (REMMM) (forthcoming).

“Beyond Cooking: The Roles of Chefs in Medieval Court Kitchens of the Islamic East,” Food & History, in Florent Quellier ed. Pour une histoire des cuisiniers et cuisinières/Towards a History of Cooks, Special Issue, 15:1-2 (2017), pp. 85-114.

Chapters in books

“Medieval Middle Eastern Court Taste: The Mamluk Case,” in Yuval Ben-Bassat (ed.). New Perspectives in Mamluk History, Leiden: Brill, 2017, pp. 76-96.

Articles in Encyclopedia

“Food,” in Fitzpatrick, C. & Walker, A. (eds.), Muhammad in History, Thought, and Culture; An Encyclopedia of the Prophet of God, Santa Barbara: ABC-CLIO, 2014, pp. 211-216.


Elmakias, Avraham, The Naval Commanders of Early Islam: A Prosopographical Approach, English trans. by Limor Yungman. Piscataway NJ: Gorgias Press, 2019.