Christian Alexander Wollin

Christian Wollin

Christian Alexander Wollin

(Literary) Theory

Literary Studies
(Literary) Theory
Discursive encounters between writing, figurality, and thought


Current Projects:

My project works towards a poetics of Hannah Arendt’s writing. To that end, it aims to identify the constitutive textual elements and practices of Arendt’s art of writing as well as to chart their dynamic interplay and integration into ever more complex discursive scenarios. Such a comprehensive philological description in turn becomes the reflexive medium for exploring in depth the various modes in which the concepts that emerge from Arendt’s singular space of writing are shaped by its tightly interwoven processes, temporalities, and rhythms of narrativization, figuration, citation, and (inter-)linguation.


2010-2013                   Doctoral scholarship, Friedrich Schlegel Graduate School for Literary Studies, Freie Universität Berlin  

2005-2007                   Scholarship, Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes

2003-2004                   One-year scholarship, DAAD, English Studies Programme

Academic work experience

2014-2017       Research assistant, edition project: Hannah Arendt: Complete Works. Critical Edition. Print and Digital. Editors: Anne Eusterschulte, Eva Geulen, Barbara Hahn, Hermann Kappelhoff, Patchen Markell, Anne Vowinckel, and Thomas Wild. Wallstein: Göttingen 2018ff. Philological work on Volume 6: Hannah Arendt: The Modern Challenge to Tradition: Fragmente eines Buchs. Edited by Barbara Hahn and James McFarland. With the support of Ingeborg Nordmann and Ingo Kieslich. Wallstein: Göttingen 2018.



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  • 2017 - Sedis animi est in memoria: Hannah Arendt liest. “Mittwochsseminar,“ Deutsches Literaturarchiv Marbach