Amit Gvaryahu

Amit Gvaryahu

Amit Gvaryahu
Rabbinic Literature

Social and Economic Thought of the Ancient World
Legal History
Religious Studies


Personal website: Amit Gvaryahu

Current Projects: 

I am currently working on the perception of objects produced and maintained by imperial governments in antiquity by ancient Jews – specifically coins and legal documents – as a way to understand the reception of empire by subaltern populations.

Curriculum Vitae 

Fellowships and Grants 

  • 2014-2017 Council for Higher Education ­– Rothenstreich Doctoral Fellow in the Humanities.          

  • 2013-2017 Honors PhD Program, The Hebrew University.

  • 2012-2013 Guggenheim Foundation for Jewish Morals and Ethics, PhD Fellow.


  • 2013          Targum Shlishi Dissertation Award.


  • 2013-2019 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. PhD in Talmud.

  • 2016-2017 Visiting Graduate Student, Department of Religion, Princeton University.

  • 2014          Visiting Doctoral Student, Wolfson College, Oxford University (Winter).

  • 2013, 2014 Visiting Scholar, Institute for Israel and Jewish Studies, Columbia University (Summer).

  • 2009-2012 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. MA Magna cum Laude in Talmud.

  • 2006-2009 The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. BA Magna cum Laude in Talmud and Classics.


Chapters in books

  • Forthcoming -  “A New Fragment of Sifre Numbers from Breslau,” in European Genizah: Texts and Studies, vol 3, ed. by Andreas Lehnardt.
  • 2017          “There and Back again: A Journey to Ashkelon and its Intertexts in Yerushalmi Sanhedrin 4:6 (=Hagigah 2:2),” Journeys in the Roman East: Imagined and Real, ed. by M. Niehoff and R. Feldmeyer. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck, 139-154.

Peer-reviewed articles

  • Forthcoming -  “The Tannaitic Laws of Battery,” Tarbiz (Hebrew).

  • 2017          “Two Financial Terms: Keluto Shel Yam and Tarsha,” Lšonenu 79: 247-267 (Hebrew).

  • 2017          “Twisting Words: Does halakhah Really Circumvent Scripture?” Journal of Jewish Studies 68: 260-283.

  • 2012          “A New Reading of the Three Dialogues in Mishnah Avodah Zarah,” Jewish Studies Quarterly 19: 207-229.


  • 2018          Texts annotated and introduced in Judaism and the Economy: A Sourcebook, ed. by M. Satlow. London; New York: Routledge, sections A20, A26, A27, A36, C20.


  • 2019          “The Biblical Poor in Tannaitic Midrash,” Talmud Departmental Seminar, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, March.

  • 2019          “Roman Money in the Provinces: A View from Rabbinic Literature,” Department of Near Eastern Studies, University of Pennsylvania, January.