We are delighted to present the elected fellows for the academic year 2020/21!

10 June, 2020

Muzna Awayed-Bishara (Education Policy, Sociolinguistics, English as a Foreign Language)
Beatrice Baragli (Assyriology, Linguistics)
Nora Derbal (Civil Society in Saudi Arabia, History of Orientalism)
Martina Mampieri (Early modern and modern Jewish History)
Ella Elbaz (Comparative Literature, Palestinian and Israeli Literature, Digital Humanity)

Pierre Christian Fink (Economics, Economic History, Sociology)
Matan Kaminer (Anthropology, Migration, Labor Relations)
Andreas Lehnertz (Medieval Jewish History)
Ido Wachtel (Archeology, Urbanization)
Peter Zilberg (History of Parthian and Persian Empires, Assyriology)