New Fellows 2019-2020

29 May, 2019
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We are delighted to present the elected fellows for the academic year 2019/20!
Clara Wenz (Ethnomusicology, Middle Eastern Studies)
Ilil Baum (Jewish History, Linguistics, Sephardic Jews post 1492)
Anna Gutgarts (Medieval History, Crusaders, Urban Identity)
Christian Wollin (German Literature, Philosophy, Hannah Arendt)
Amit Gvaryahu (Talmud, Jewish History, Roman Empire, Coins)

Kerstin Hünefeld (Islamic Law and Political Thought, Yemen)
Mirjam Luecking (Anthropology, Tourism and Pilgrimage, Indonesia and Israel)
Juergen Schaflechner (Anthropology, Media, South Asian Studies)
Oz Aloni (Folklore, Linguistics, Neo-Aramaic)
Natalia Gutkowski (Environment Studies, Anthropology)