Dr. Pavel Ozerov

Buber Fellow: 
Research Field: 


Academic interests: 

Tibeto-Burman languages, in particular Burmese and languages of Manipur (India); Spoken Hebrew; Spontaneous speech and spoken language; pragmatics, especially Information Structure and interaction studies; prosody; language documentation

Current Projects: 

* Documentation of Anal, a Tibeto-Burman language of Manipur (India) (with the financial help of Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research (USA); and a grant from Endangered Languages Documentation Program (SOAS, University of London)
* Community-driven documentation of traditional oral literature for minority languages of Chandel District (funded by Firebird Foundation for Anthropological Research (USA)

Curriculum Vitae: 

2003 – 2010 B.A. and M.A. (both summa cum laude) in Linguistics, Hebrew University of Jerusalem
2011 – 2014 PhD in Linguistics, La Trobe University (Melbourne, Australia)
2015 – 2017 (currently suspended) Postdoctoral Humboldt Fellow at University of Cologne, Germany


to appear: Unifying Information Structure and Discourse: The Morphosyntax and Prosody of Information Management in Burmese. Trends in Linguistics. Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton.


2016 (with Henriette Daudey) ‘Copy-verb constructions in Tibeto-Burman and beyond’. Linguistic Typology.
2015a ‘Information Structure without topic and focus: Differential Object Marking in Burmese’. Studies in Language 39 (2): 386–423.
2015b ‘Telling a story with (almost) no tenses: the structure of written narrative in Burmese’. Linguistics 53(5): 1169–1202.
2013 Intonation of Israeli Hebrew. In: Khan, Geoffrey (ed.) Encyclopedia of Hebrew Language and Linguistics, vol.2: 327–335. Leiden/Boston: Brill.
2012 ‘It is not so: nominal and 'emphatic' negation in colloquial Burmese’. Cahiers de Linguistique — Asie Orientale 42(2): 219–285.