Prof. Dr. Peter Trawny

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Professor Dr. Peter Trawny (born 1964) – I am interested in different subjects, in a number of projects, which have the only bond of philosophy. In this sense, I am working out a philosophy of philosophy, which permanently dissolves and reformulates the self-interpretation of a super- discipline named philosophy. I am doing this on the field of a wild hermeneutics, a motivation to read without a presupposed specialization: Thus I am interpreting Plato, Dionysius-Areopagita, and Adorno as much as Aristotle, William of Ockham, and Derrida. In this sense, I am dealing also with the problem of an intrinsic relation of technology, economy, and media, and the philosophic approach to the Shoah. Finally, I am working in the context of the research of the thinking of Martin Heidegger, whose works I am editing.