Dr. Ruth S. Wenske

Buber Fellow: 
Academic interests: 
  • Contemporary African literature, particularly Anglophone literature and Realism
  • Postcolonial Theory and World Literature
  • Self-writing and the construction of collective identities through literary production
  • Critical Pedagogy, education, and conceptions of literacy in Africa
  • Oral culture as part of the educational system, esp. in the digital age
  • Discourse Ecologies: textual representations in the public sphere
Current Projects: 
  • Evaluating Education in Africa between Theory and Practice: A Case Study of Uganda. This project examines evaluations of the educational system in Uganda over the last decade through a dual perspective of discursive analysis and critical pedagogy.
  • Literature and Literacy as Modes of Education: an African Literary Perspective. This project approaches the duality of literacy/literature through the exchange between literary theory and educational practice, by examining the ways in which textual representations relate to oral practices in the public sphere – from novels to spoken word poetry to classroom decorations.
Curriculum Vitae: 
  • 2017-2018: Postdoctoral Research Fellow, The Glocal International Development Program / Davis Institute for International Relations, The Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
  • 2016: Ph.D. in English Language and Literature, University of Haifa. Dissertation title: “"Maybe We Are Not Just Failing": Unknowability in the Self-Writing of African Realism.”
  • 2008: M.A. in English Language and Literature, University of Haifa. Thesis title: "Balancing Dualities into a New World: Tradition and Change in Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart and Arrow of God."
  • "Adichie in Dialogue with Achebe: Balancing Dualities in Half of a Yellow Sun".
  • Research in African Literatures vol. 47, no .3, 2016, 70-87. With Maria Kagan. "The Work of Educational NGOs in Africa from the Perspective of Critical Pedagogy: A Case Study of Teacher Training in Burundi". International Development in Africa: Between Theory and Practice. Reut Barak-Weekes and Yonatan N. Gez, eds. Jerusalem: Pardes Publishing House, forthcoming. (Hebrew). Book Review: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, That Thing Around Your Neck, in Haaretz Books (23 March 2011).
Work in progress
  • “Digital Diglossia: Orality in the Works of Safia Elhillo.”
  • “Double Typicality: Narrative Embedding and the African Realist Novel.”