‪‬Life After Buber- An Alumni Panel and Discussion

Life after Buber
Activity Date: 
Thursday, Dec 21, 2017

‪‬Life After Buber
An Alumni Panel and Discussion

December 11th‬

We invited four alumni to share with us their experiences during and after their time as Buber fellows in Jerusalem.‬ The result was a fascinating and thought-provoking exchange. It was also an emotional reunion. Here is how it went.

Dr. Ellinor Morack, now assistant professor in Bamberg, talked about academic life as she is experiencing it now that she is faculty in a German university. She also spoke about her Buber experience and what she would have advised her former self in retrospect.

Dr. Rebecca Weil, now at the University of Hull, advised the current fellows about the value of gaining teaching experience during their time at the MBSF. She also spoke about her new life in Hull.

Dr. Gadi Sagiv, now faculty at the Open University of Israel, said that, looking back, the interdisciplinary character of the program was a major boon for him. He reflected on the numerous conversations he had with the other fellows as the main source of inspiration for his research during his Buber years and after.

Dr. Nira Alperson- Afil, who is an Assistant Professor at Bar Ilan University, said that the encounter with German scholars in the society was a uniquely meaningful experience for her. She also told us how she wrote her most important essay to date as a result of the Buber workshop on forgetting.

Each of the Panel participants shared additional advice and thoughts. The founding director of the MBSF, Prof. David Shulman, also attended and participated in the discussion. The event kick-started our outreach efforts to our alumni community, and we discussed ways of forming an alumni network and keeping it alive. ‬