Building disciplinary bridges for research and recognition of intersexed bodies

An international Workshop
Activity Date: 
Wednesday, Sep 6, 2017 to Thursday, Sep 7, 2017

Intersexed bodies include many internal and external sexual forms and characteristics that challenge the norms of typical male and female bodies and dimorphic perceptions. In Israel and many other countries, intersexed babies are usually quickly “normalized” through irreversible surgeries and intersexed children and adults live in secrecy and experience a sense of alienation. For the first time in Israel, a conference that aims to build bridges of knowledge, understanding, and cooperation between the biomedical establishment and intersex advocates and between intersexed people and various public spheres has taken place. From September 6 to 7, at The Hebrew University, Mount Scopus in Jerusalem, researchers, EuroPSI members (European Network of Psychosocial Studies in Intersex/Diverse Sex Development), and advocates from different countries, including Hong Kong, Japan, Germany, Italy, England, Austria, and Israel gathered to share new knowledge on intersexed people’s experiences and to discuss current medical policy issues. We learned about novel biosocial perspectives and planted the seeds for future collaborative projects