Dr. Dan Baras

Buber Fellow: 
Research Field: 

AOS: Epistemology, Metaethics, Philosophy of Religion
AOC: Ethics, Logic, Philosophy of Science

Academic interests: 

My current research focuses primarily on the view that there are states of affairs that call out for explanation. This idea lies at the heart of an influential argument against mathematical Platonism as well as cosmological fine-tuning arguments. In addition, I have general interests in epistemology and metaethics and a particular interest in debunking arguments in metaethics.

Curriculum Vitae: 
  • Ph.D. Philosophy: Ben Gurion University (2011–2016). Dissertation Title: Epistemic Challenges to Robust Moral Realism. Supervisors: David Enoch, Yehuda Gellman
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Visiting Student (fall 2013; fall 2014)
  • M.A. Philosophy: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2005–2009)
  • B.Ed. Jewish Studies: Herzog College (2002–2005)
Post Doctoral Research
  • The Center for Moral and Political Philosophy, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Post-Doctoral Fellow (2016–2017)
  • Visiting Scholar at New York University, department of philosophy (Sep–Oct 2016)


  • A Reliability Challenge To Theistic Platonism’, Analysis (forthcoming). doi: 10.1093/analys/anx089
  • The Explanatory Challenge: Moral Realism Is No Better than Theism’ European Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming). doi: 10.1111/ejop.12248

  • Our Reliability Is In Principle Explainable’, Episteme 14:2 (2017), pp. 197–211. doi: 10.1017/epi.2016.5

  • A Moral Argument against Absolute Authority of the Torah’ (Hebrew), in: Judaism, Sovereignty and Human Rights, vol. 2 (2016), the Israel Democracy Institute