Lecture from Prof. Dorothea Weltecke : On Religious Violence in the Middle Ages

Lecture from Prof. Dorothea Weltecke: On Religious Violence in the Middle Ages
Activity Date: 
Monday, Mar 21, 2016

Religious violence is very present in today's public debates. In the humanities, violence has been studied intensively in different disciplines. The megatheories developed by the religious studies often assume religion as a cause of violence, while sociological theories in general do not. Historians have studied acts of religious violence in various ways, but do not usually discuss the contradicting theoretical strands nor do they develop their own methodological approach. Surprisingly, therefore, there is no proper history of religious violence. Could there be a genuine historical contribution to the debate on religious violence and what would it look like?
In a first attempt to answer this question, medieval religious violence will be discussed in the light of recent sociological studies.