Dr. Evelyn Runge - Image Capture. The Production Conditions of Photo-Journalists in the Digital Age

Dr. Evelyn Runge - Image Capture, The Production Conditions of Photo-Journalists in the Digital Age
Activity Date: 
Monday, Dec 21, 2015

Presentation: Changes, Challenges, and Case Studies

The digitization transforms the daily media practices: Recipients become users or even ‘produsers’; professionals are competed by laymen; well-known economic models drift from payment towards crowdsourcing or foundation funding. In the center of my research I investigate multi-layered changes in photojournalism through the digital transition. Opportunities have opened up for professional photojournalists, such as the rapid distribution of their work. At the same time, they seem to be under threat by competition from amateur photographers who are very successful in the market of pictures, to some extent also in upscale photo agencies. What do these transformations mean for visual storytelling, aesthetics, media economics, infrastructures, hierarchies, and reception? Research on this transformation is missing but deserves study.Based on case studies, I gave an insight in my ongoing project.

Many thanks to Dr. Amit Pinchevski for his smart and inspiring response, and to Dr. Liat Hasenfratz for moderating the discussion. And thanks to all Buber Fellows and Senior Fellows for the stimulating discussion!