Dr. Nimrod Hurvitz

Buber Fellow: 
2014 to 2016
Senior Fellow Description: 

Dr. Nimrod Hurvitz graduated from Princeton University in 1994 and teaches at Ben Gurion University in the Department of Middle East Studies. His research focuses on medieval and modern Muslim religious movements and the politics of religiosity. His publications include The Formation of Hanbalism, Piety into Power (Routledge Curzon, 2002; Arab translation, Arab Network for Research and Publishing, 2011); "From Scholarly Circles to Mass Movements: The Formation of Legal Communities in Islamic Societies," The American Historical Review; "al-Ma'mun (r. 198/213-218/833) and the mihna" in The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Theology.

Blogs at http://canthink.molad.org/

Curriculum Vitae: