Dr. Ruthie Abeliovich

Buber Fellow: 
406, Einstein Building
Academic interests: 

Theater and performance studies; Sound, voice and auditory media in theater and performance-art; Feminist theater and performance theory.

My research focuses on acoustic phenomena in the theatrical representation, such as voice; sound and its relation to space; resonance; rhythm and musical structures of textual replicas. I examine how the phenomenology of the voice shapes the identity and the presence of the performer, and how cultural “soundscapes” are represented by internal musical rhythms and patterns implanted in significant performances.

Current Projects: 

My current research project focuses on audio recordings of dramatic productions from the early repertoire of Habima theatre. The recorded dialogues reveal Habima’s performances as saturated with a variety of musical forms that provide the materials from which this study will attempt to recapture what excited the audience’s imagination and charged it with collective cultural images. The interpretive proposition of the research concentrates on the relationship between the vocal expression and the staged visual dimensions of the performer’s identity. Accordingly, this study examines the tensions obtaining among the idiosyncratic attributes of the actors vocalic timbres and pronunciation styles (for example: accent, speech cadence, diction, intonation), the sonic values of the performance (such as melody, height of notes, rhythm, tempo, and dynamics), and the visual dimension of the stage (Such as scenery, costumes and makeup, gesture choreography).

Curriculum Vitae: 

Ph.D. Theatre Studies. The Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University.
Dissertation title: “Voice-Identity-Presence: The Rhetoric's of Ventriloquism in Contemporary Women’s Vocal Performance Art”.
Supervisor: Professor Freddie Rokem
M.A. Theatre Studies (Summa cum Laude). The Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University. (Direct doctoral program)
B.A. The Multidisciplinary Program of the Arts (Summa cum Laude). The Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University.
2002: Cited on Dean’s List for Excellence, Faculty of the Arts, Tel-Aviv University.

Scholarships and Fellowships

The Martin Buber Fellows Society. Post-Doctoral Fellowship, The Hebrew University.
Lady Davis Post-Doctoral Fellowship, The Hebrew University. Declined.
ICORE Post-Doctoral scholarship. Da'at Hamakom: Center for Research Excellence for the Study of Cultures of Place in the Modern Jewish World.
German-Israeli Foundation (GIF) Scholarship.
Salter Scholarship.
Tel-Aviv University President’s Doctoral Fellowship in Fine Arts.
The Dr. Lillian Chutick and Dr. Rebecca Chutick scholarship for Outstanding Female Doctoral Students. Tel-Aviv University.
Tel-Aviv University Rector (Provost) Doctoral Fellowship in Fine Arts.

Peer-Review Journals

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2009. Envoicing the Future: Victoria Hanna’s Exterior Voice. Theatre Research International, 34:159-165.
Abeliovich Ruthie. 2013. In Search of the Authors Voice: 'The Strindberg Project', a Performance by the Cullberg Ballet. European Stages 1.1: 101-105.
Abeliovich Ruthie. Voice, Identity, Presence: Stammering as an Aural Image in Victoria Hanna's Performance ‘Signals.’ Theatre Journal (Forthcoming).
Abeliovich Ruthie. The Occupying Spectator: Audio-Spatial Ruptures in Performative Representation of Israeli-Palestinian Encounters.” Performance Research 19.6 (Forthcoming).

Books Edited

Abeliovich Ruthie, Sharon Aronson-Lehavi, and Linda Ben-Zvi (Eds.). 2015. A stage of Their Own: Seven American Feminist Plays. Tel-Aviv University press: Assaph. (Hebrew).

Academic Textbook

Abeliovich Ruthie. 2012. Gender and Feminism in Modern Theatre: Advanced course Study Guide. Raanana: The Open University of Israel Press. (Hebrew).

Book Chapters

Abeliovich Ruthie. The Liberating Language of "Ach Ach Boom Trach!", A play written by Norman Issa and Yoav Bar Lev. (Hebrew). Multicultural Theatre in Israel. Eds. Shimon Levy, Olga Levitan and Shai Bar-Yaakov. Tel-Aviv: Safra. (Hebrew) (Forthcoming).
Abeliovich Ruthie. The voice of The Nation's Mother: Hanna Rovina as An Acoustic Icon. Habima: New Studies on National Theatre. Eds. Gad Kaynar, Dorit Yerushalmi and Shelly Zer-Zion. Tel-Aviv: Resling. (Hebrew) (Forthcoming).

Drama Translations

Yankowitz Susan. "Night Sky". In: Abeliovich Ruthie, Linda Ben-Zvi, and Sharon Aronson-Lehavi and (Eds.). A Stage of Their Own: Hebrew Translations of American Women Playwrights. Tel-Aviv University press: Assaph. (Hebrew) (Forthcoming).