Arabic Neoplatonism in al Andalus

Arabic Neoplatonism in al Andalus
Activity Date: 
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2014

The workshop focused on the importance of the Arabic Neoplatonic tradition in the development of mystical and philosophical thought in medieval al-Andalus. The underlying assumption of the workshop was that in order to fully understand the development of mystical-philosophical thought in medieval Spain, it is necessary to examine this subject in a broad perspective, one that bridges the gaps between Judaism, Islam, and Christianity; between philosophy and mysticism; and between East and West. Accordingly, the workshop aimed at emphasizing the role that Arabic Neoplatonism has played in shaping mysticism philosophy in al-Andalus. The discussions focused on various Arabic Neoplatonic sources and traditions that influenced the Andalusi intellectual scene; the range of Andalusi authors and works in which traces of or links with these Neoplatonic sources and traditions can be found; the nature of the Arabic Neoplatonic contribution to the unique development of Andalusi thought; and various methodological issues pertaining to the use of the term "Neoplatonism" and "Neoplatonic" in these contexts.

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