Prof. Ishay Rosen-Zvi

Buber Fellow: 
2011 to 2012
Senior Fellow Description: 

Ishay Rosen-Zvi is a senior lecturer and the Head of the Talmud and Late Antiquity section in the department of Hebrew Culture Studies at Tel-Aviv University, where he teaches Talmudic literature and culture. His main interests are: Midrashic hermeneutics; the formation of the Mishna; Temple rituals in rabbinic literature; and gender and sexuality in late antiquity. Ishay’s book, titled "The Rite that Was Not: Temple, Midrash and Gender in Tractate Sotah," was published in Magness Press (2008) and an english version is forthcoming in the Journal for the Study of Judaism-Supplement Series, Leiden: Brill. A monograph on the history of the "evil inclination" from the Bible to rabbinic literature and early Christianity is forthcoming in University of Pennsylvania Press under the title: "Demonic Desires: YETZER HARA and the Problem of Evil in Late Antiquity ".
Among his publications are: "Bilhah the Temptress: the Testament of Reuben and the 'Birth of Sexuality'", Jewish Quarterly Review 96 (2006), 65-94; "Measure for Measure as a Hermeneutic Tool in Early Rabbinic Literature", Journal of Jewish Studies 57 (2006), pp. 269-286; "Orality, Narrative, Rhetoric: New Directions in Mishnah Research", AJS Review 32 (2008), pp. 235-249; "Can the Homilists Cross the Sea Again? Time and Revelation in Mekhilta Shirata", G. Brooke et al. (eds.), The significance of Sinai: Traditions about Divine Revelations in Judaism and Christianity, Leiden (Brill) 2008, pp. 217-245; "Sexualizing the Evil Inclination: Rabbinic Yetzer and Modern Scholarship", Journal of Jewish Studies 60 (2009), pp. 264-281;

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