Dr. Daniella Talmon- Heller

Buber Fellow: 
2012 to 2014
Senior Fellow Description: 

Daniella Talmon- Heller is a senior lecturer at the Department of Middle East Studies of Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and currently serves as chair. She is the author of Islamic Piety in Medieval Syria: Mosques, Cemeteries and Sermons under the Zangids and Ayyubids (1146-1260), Leiden: Brill 2007 (accorded the Tel Aviv award for Middle East Studies 2008), co-author (with Nehemia Levtzion and Daphna Ephrat) of the Israel Open University 3-volumes series: Islam – A History (Tel Aviv 1999-2003) and co-editor (with Katia Cytryn-Silverman) of a collected volume: Material Evidence and Narrative Sources: Interdisciplinary Studies of the History of the Muslim Middle East (forthcoming in Brill). Presently she is working on Islamization and the comparative study of rituals

Curriculum Vitae: