Dr. Ron Dudai

Research Field: 

Ron Dudai works in the fields of human rights, social movements, transitional justice, and punishment and social control. He is especially interested in non-state actors (armed groups, social movements, and human rights organizations), as well as in questions of social control and punishment in the context of political violence. He is co-editor of the Journal of Human Rights Practice, where he previously edited two special issues, on Armed Groups and Human Rights Praxis, and on Dilemmas of Human Rights Activism. His work was published in, among others, Human Rights Quarterly, British Journal of Criminology, International Journal of Transitional Justice, Terrorism and Political Violence, Journal of Human Rights, British Journal of Sociology, as well as several edited volumes. He was awarded the Brian Williams Prize by the British Society of Criminology, which is given to "the best article by a 'new scholar', which shows evidence of particular distinction, and makes a valuable contribution to the further development of criminology."

Curriculum Vitae: 
Refereed journals
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Selected book chapters
  • "Forward", in Bruna Seu, Passivity Generation: Human Rights and Everyday Morality, London: Palgrave Macmillan.
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