Dr. Nitzan Rothem

327, Mandel Building
Academic interests: 

- Shifting Moral Orders: Mutual Commitments between Individuals and Society and the "New Wars"
- Durkheim and the Concerns of Social Theory
- Van Gennep and the Study of Transitions
- Individuals, Societies and their Military: Soldiers' Suicide; Captivity and Homecoming
- Cultural Dynamics between Israel and the United States

Current Projects: 

 1. Military Suicide and the Truths of 'the Social'

1.1 The Post-Contractual and the Rhetoric of Hugging

1.2 Sociology and Suicide: The Finale?


2. An Age of Abduction and the Effects of "the New Wars"

2.1 One of a Kind: Reintegration of Former Captives in the United States and Israel

2.2 From Captivity to Abduction: The Media's Impatience and the New Wars

2.3 Reclaiming van Gennep's "The Rites of Passage", with Dr. Francesca Fiaschetti (International Workshop, 15-16 May 2016, Jerusalem)

Curriculum Vitae: 
Education and Fellowships


Since 2013, Research Fellow, The Martin Buber Society of Fellows in the Humanities and Social Sciences, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel


June 2016, The New School, ICSI Summer Seminar, Why Marx Today? led by Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak


2015, Fall Semester, Visiting Scholar, the Annenberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania. Sponsored by Prof. Carolyn Marvin.


2013, PhD dissertation: "The Domestication of Suicide through Solidarity and Responsibility: Suicide of Soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces as Portrayed in Psychology, Law and Modern Hebrew Literature". Supervised by Prof. Edna Lomsky-Feder and Prof. Eyal Ben-Ari, at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Ben Halpern Award for Best Dissertation in the various field of Israel Studies. 


2006, MA in Cultural Studies, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


2002, BA in Psychology and Communication and Journalism, the Hebrew University.

Discussions Groups:


Co-led with Dr. Adam Klin-Oron, "Theoretical Tremors: The Split of the Disciplines", The Advance Studies Unit, The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute.


"Living Together: Exploring Modes of Political Membership", Minerva Humanities Center, Tel Aviv University. Academic Director: Dr. Raef Zreik.

2014-2016 Presentations in Conferences and Workshops:


May 2016, Time Fighters: Kurt Vonnegut's "Slaughterhouse-Five" and the Morality of Current Warfare.


July 2015, "Casualty Aversion and Self-Sacrifice: Reintegration of Former Captives in the United States and Israel", first workshop of a tri-national project on contemporary reconfigurations of civil-military relations in Japan, Denmark and Israel.


June 2015, "Studying Transitions: Coming Back from Captivity, Coming Back to Arnold van Gennep", the Annual Conference of the Israeli Anthropological Association.


February 2015, "Without Captivity, Without Return: the Weak Society and 'the Hannibal Directive' (permission to shoot toward captive soldiers and their abductors in order to prevent their imprisonment)", the Annual Conference of the Israeli Sociological Society.


January 2015, "'Hugging the Soldiers', 'Embracing the People of the South': Positing the Possibility of Post-Contractual Social Relations", in: "Love, Respect and the Political: An Interdisciplinary Workshop", The Minerva Center for the Humanities, Tel Aviv University and The Faculty of Law, University of Haifa.


June 2014, "Gendering Military Suicide: Between a Loved Country and an Unloved Self", Leadership & Critical Decisions, Association for Israel Studies (AIS), Ben-Gurion University.


May 2014, "Modern Hebrew Literature and the Ethos of Self-Sacrifice: A Sociological Perspective", Hebrew Literature Thought: Consciousness and History, Ben-Gurion University.


March 2014, "Solidarity and Responsibility in Cultural Attitudes towards Suicide", The Military and the People, the Hebrew University.




 (Forthcoming), Suicide and Our Shared Fate, Tel Aviv University Press (in Hebrew)

(Under review), Intellectual, Moral and Practical Imperatives: Assessing Two Moments in the Sociology of Suicide

(Under review), Handling Transitions: the Current Status of Captivity and its Trials

(Under review), Psycholawgy and its Moral Effects, with Eyal Ben Ari

"The Age of Abduction: Israel's Turn from the Terminology of Captivity and its Socio-Moral Implications, Haaretz Weekend Magazine, September 4th 2015, pp. 56-58 (in Hebrew).

(February 2016) "Book Review of 'Captives' edited by M. Mack", Israeli Sociology: a Journal for the Study of Society in Israel, Volume 17 (1).

(Forthcoming) "'An Apolitical yet Heartbreaking Event': Negotiating Female Soldiers' Suicides", in: Sasson-Levy, O. and Lomsky-Feder E. (eds.), Gender and Military, Jerusalem: The Van Leer Jerusalem Institute (in Hebrew).

2008 (Author) "Face of Angst", HeartQuake, Jerusalem: the Museum on the Seam, pp. 92-95 (in Hebrew), pp. 314-319 (in English).

2008 (Editor) HeartQuake, Jerusalem: the Museum on the Seam (English and Hebrew).