Academic Activities

Buber programm 12 06 14
Activity Date:
Thursday, Jun 12, 2014
As a medium of communication between rulers and the ruled, petitions have received growing attention from among historians interested in social history over the past few years. The workshop „Engaging the State. Petitions as Sources in Ottoman Studies and beyond“, which took place on June 12, 2014 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem provided a space for scholars from several disciplines to...
Activity Date:
Wednesday, Jun 11, 2014
The workshop focused on the importance of the Arabic Neoplatonic tradition in the development of mystical and philosophical thought in medieval al-Andalus. The underlying assumption of the workshop was that in order to fully understand the development of mystical-philosophical thought in medieval Spain, it is necessary to examine this subject in a broad perspective, one that bridges the gaps...
Activity Date:
Thursday, May 22, 2014 to Friday, May 23, 2014
 nature and nurture
Activity Date:
Sunday, May 11, 2014
It was in 1581 that the British teacher Richard Mulcaster wrote that “treasure . . . bestowed on children by nature, is to be bettered in them by nurture” and the ‘nature/nurture’ dichotomy has been debated ever since. We know that people’s beliefs about the relative importance of heredity and environment affect their opinions on an astonishing range of topics, extending much beyond the...
Activity Date:
Tuesday, Feb 4, 2014
The social bond and the mutual relationship between the individual and society are the focus of my academic interest. I try to understand the main rhetoric and practices that sustain the assumption that society supports the prosperity of the individual and that individuals engage in a common good. Suicide (and in particular military suicide) holds the possibility of a detached individual, who has...
Activity Date:
Tuesday, Oct 22, 2013 to Thursday, Oct 24, 2013